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HEE JOY rums are a French reference in the field of traditional rums. Originally, there was the work of a passionate person, Jean-Marc Larhantec, who since 2010 has been selecting the best traditional rums, from the most beautiful distilleries in Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, and Guyana. 


The choice of the blend of these three origins is part of a search for balance, to reveal powerful and complex aromas. Our Hee Joy rums are blended in the Cognac region of Grande Champagne, the historical cradle of an ancestral method of blending Charente eaux de vie. The rums are then matured in old Cognac barrels to enhance the flavours.


Hee Joy rums are amber rums for the discerning connoisseur. They are also very popular with bartenders and mixologists. Launched in France in early 2015, they have already won several medals in France and Europe.

Hee Joy

Coming from a sharp selection of Caribbean rums, Gun’s Bell is made in our cellars in Chevanceaux using a traditional artisanal process. It undergoes a four to six months stay (depending on weather conditions) in new American oak barrels to develop woody notes, vanilla, dry nuts, toasted almonds and smoked notes. Gun’s Bell thus reveals powerful and greedy aromas, releasing a unique flood of fruity and smoked flavours, at the same time.

Gun's Bell
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