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Our Spirits

Beluga Vodka

World-Famous Noble Russian Vodka

Thanks to its aristocratic origins and idyllic quality, Beluga has claimed its rightful place in the global culture of spirit satisfaction and consumption.


To create Beluga the noblest of Russian Vodkas, we chose the Mariinsk Distillery. The Mariinsk Distillery was established in 1900 in the heart of Siberia in one of the most environmentally clean and tranquil areas of Russia. We believe that true Russian vodka can only be produced exclusively in Russia.


Today, the Mariinsk Distillery is considered in the industry to be the nation-wide leader, thanks to its cutting-edge equipment and advanced quality control systems at every stage of production. Its unique geographical position gives additional benefits to Beluga’s taste. The foremost of which is the clean and pure water from Siberian artesian wells. 

Hedonist liqueur

Limited Edition

Guest Bartending by Johann Bouard

Hedonist® is a Modern liquor, a subtle and delicate combination of Cognac infused with a liquor of Ginger and a hint of vanilla.

Handcrafted from a meticulous preparation, in the purest tradition of cognac blends, Hedonist seduces lovers of new sensations with its powerful taste.

Its delicate balance first reveals the harmony of the cognac which gives way to the bitterness of natural ginger, to finish on a sweet length of vanilla.

The strength of cognac coats this sensory experience and invites the second sip.

This new creative marriage of flavors becomes a must in the creation of new cocktails. 

It also allows by its finesse and intensity to revisit the great classics of mixology.

Hee Joy Rums

The English Tradition with a French Touch

HEE JOY® rums are today a reference in the universe of traditional rums. In the beginning, there is the work of a passionate, Jean-Marc Larhantec, who since 2010, selects the best traditional rums, from the finest distilleries of Jamaica, Trinidad Tobago, and Guyana. The choice of the blend of these three origins is part of a search for balance, to reveal powerful and complex aromas. Hee Joy rums are blended in the Cognac region in Grande Champagne, the historic cradle of an ancestral method of blending Charente brandies. The rums are then finished into old barrels of Cognac to be improved and to exalt the flavors.


Hee Joy rums are amber rums for savvy hobbyists. They are also very popular with bartenders and mixologists. Launched in France in early 2015, they have already won several medals in France and Europe

Gun's Bell
Spiced Rum

Fruty & Toasted from the dark Barrel

Coming from a sharp selection of Caribbean Rums (Dominican Republic - Guyana - Barbados - Trinidad), Gun’s Bell is blended in France in the Cognac region by Hedonist Spirits,  using a traditional artisanal process.


It undergoes a four to six months stay (depending on weather conditions) in new American oak barrels to develop woody notes, vanilla, dry nuts, toasted almonds and smoked notes. Gun’s Bell thus reveals powerful and greedy aromas, releasing a unique flood of fruity and smoked flavors, at the same time.

G'Vine Gin

The Original french Gin

More than a country, France is a culture, an attitude and way of life know for its “Joie de Vivre” and the pleasure of fine dining. Crafted in France from grapes, G’VINE Gin is the original French Gin, embodying this art de vivre à la Française. 


A Grape Story

G’VINE Gin’s exceptionally smooth and silky taste is a direct result of the grape spirit, a rare ingredient for gin that creates a heady body and full mouthfeel. Thanks to centuries-old expertise in the Charente region, the spirit is the perfect backdrop for the ten pure fruit botanicals that bring delicacy and complexity to the blend. 

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