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Hedonist is a modern liquor, a subtle and delicate combination of Cognac infused with liquor of ginger and a hint of vanilla. Handcrafted from meticulous preparation, in the purest tradition of Cognac blends, Hedonist seduces lovers of new sensations with its powerful taste. Its delicate balance first reveals the harmony of the Cognac which gives way to the bitterness of natural ginger, to finish on a sweet length of vanilla.


The strength of Cognac coats this sensory experience and invites the second sip. This new creative marriage of flavors becomes a must in the creation of new cocktails. It also allows by its finesse and intensity to revisit the great classics of mixology.


In 2014 Giuseppe Gallo, one of the world’s most renowned mixologists, was elected “Best International Brand Ambassador” at Tales of the Cocktail. He is now considered to be one of the world’s greatest experts on Vermouth & Amaro. Inspired by the origins of Rosolio, a historic aperitif from Turin that dates back to the 1800s and contained various herbs, fruits and spices, Giuseppe Gallo created Italicus in order to put Italian culture back on the international stage. In the 19th century, Rosolio was popular in all the regions of Italy, which each had their individual style and production method.


ITALICUS is made in Moncalieri near Turin, at a small family distillery that dates back to 1906. The Bergamot fruit comes from UNESCO-protected region in Calabria, and the citron hails from Sicily. These unique ingredients are infused in cold water to bring out the quintessence of their essential oils in a unique process called Sfumatura. They are then blended with a neutral Italian grain alcohol.


A delicate combination or Roman chamomile from the Lazio region, lavender, gentian, yellow roses and lemon balm from northern Italy is then macerated for several days before being combined with the Bergamot and citron essentials oils, to create this precious liquid that is imbued with Italian history and culture.


Tradition - Authenticity - Modernity 


Creator of flavours and architect of tastes at Nuits-Saint-Georges, Joseph Cartron, distiller liquorist since 1882, has built its reputation on the superb quality and authenticity of its fruit. Cartron’s fifth generation manages this family treasure which has become a must in cocktail bars, restaurants and off-trade specialists always in the forefront of research in know-how and innovation. Joseph Cartron’s Fruit Liqueurs and Eaux-de-Vie are exported to over 45 countries all over the world. A real recognition of the brand which has always built its reputation on respect for traditions. 




In the intimacy of the fruit

Key to its success is the selection and excellence of the fruit. From generation to generation Joseph Cartron has been working with the same fruit growers, determined to maintain low yields, rare and incomparable varieties - 70% of these fruits are harvested in Burgundy or the surrounding area. The choice of the fruit for Joseph Cartron is both a token of quality and aroma accuracy. Among these varieties stand out: the sublime Noir de Bourgogne Blackcurrant, the legendary aromatic and delicate Llyod George Raspberry, the delicious ‘Pêche de Vigne’, the heavenly Cavaillon Melon, the Monts du Lyonnais soft stone Apricot, the Monts de la Côte d’Or Williams Pear and also the Montmorency bitter Cherry or the Chalonnaise black Cherry... So many unique varieties whose location and origins are only known to Joseph Cartron and all this for the past five generations! 

These Burgundy or exotic treasures and fruit splendours typify Joseph Cartron’s Fruit Liqueurs and Eaux-de-vie generating harmony, freshness and intense aromas. 

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