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Noam has been developed in homage to the great bavarian lager. Collaborating with one of the world’s most innovative brewing laboratories, noam brings the values behind traditional bavarian craftsmanship into the 21st century.


Connisseurial taste

Noam is a light, refreshing lager beer with a distinguished mild taste. It is characterised by the floral and savoury flavours of the delicate “smaragd” hop, fused with a signature herbal base note.


This lager is composed of the finest ingredients, locally sourced from the valleys of hallertau, the world’s most precious hop-growing region. Noam lager is naturally finished to the highest bavarian purity standards and is neither stabilised, nor filtered or thermally treated.


With 5.2 percent of alcohol it is aged for 6 weeks to achieve its superior taste. Noam lager is best enjoyed at a maximum temperature of 6 degrees.


Craftmanship of the 21st century

Noam lager is developed at the science and research laboratory of the technical university brewery in weihenstephan.


Rooted in this bavarian village’s long history of fine brewing and equipped with one of the world’s most innovative beer laboratories, the internationally renowned chair of brewing and beverage technology is at the forefront of brewing science.


The research institute on weihenstephan hill is a high-tech center set to meet the challenges of modern beer production with innovative scientific impulses.

Here the unique recipe for noam lagers refined taste was created in collaboration with the head of the brewing faculty at weihenstephan, dr. Florian schüll and brewing master Michael Ammer.

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